"Thanks so much for going the extra miles with us trying to get the best deal. I really didn't think we'd close with this guy. You've done everything we've asked and you've taken a lot of heat for it. I'm sorry for that. We love our new house. You need to stop by and see it now."
-- Pam and Scott
"We would like to thank you so very much for everything you did to get us this house. It is the type of home that we have always wanted. Again, thank you. Stop by anytime."
-- David and Lisa
"Thank you for your kindness during the sale of the house. You certainly made a hard task as easy as you could for me. Should you ever need a recommendation, do not forget where I am."
-- Janet
"Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your genuine concern and excellent sales attitude in finding a place I can 'land peacefully.' Thanks to you and your family for the patience they must have with all your phone calls back and forth. You've helped me believe there may be some nice people (men especially) left in the world."
-- Kathy

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